Terms of Use

Our customers have a right to expect outstanding service. We are paid not for our time, but for quality service. We expect our associates and sales staff to provide customer driven quality service daily  in everything we undertake.
No organization can grow and prosper unless each member of the team puts forth their maximum effort. Often, we feel a tendency to let down and to do less than our best. We expect our associates and sales staff to work hard and smart for our customers.
We never should undertake an assignment for a customer unless we have the training and experience necessary to accomplish the job in a professional manner. We believe in continuing education. For only learning better ways of providing service can we enhance our reputation. We expect our associates and sales staff to continue learning.
An organization can succeed when all its members work together for a common purpose. It is our responsibility to communicate company goals clearly, by words and actions. We expect cooperation from our associates and sales staff in this journey.
Sometimes even the most competent professionals make mistakes. We understand this fact. Our customers must be happy with their transactions, or our credibility suffers. If we make a mistake, we must be willing to stand accountable and to make it right with the customer. We expect our associates and sales staff to be accountable for mistakes if a customer is damaged.
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