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Is it time to HOLD or BUY Miami real estate?

Is it time to HOLD or BUY Miami real estate?

Im going to wait to buy… What you don’t realize is there are already a bunch of great deals in the market. In the last 6 months I have had 2 buyers buy with more than $100k in equity and one with over $25k in equity. This means they are buying the home for that much more money than what the appraisal came back (3rd party company hired by bank to determine the value). With the internet it’s so easy to find a home now what you don’t know is the process or tools to use to negotiate which is why you want someone on your side that knows that well. There are many great deals in Miami especially if you’re open to a little fixing up. And if your not don’t worry there are a lot of flippers willing to work a deal how they know the market is changing. If you’re starting to think of buying then contact us to help you start the process smooth and end it with equity in your purchase!

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