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Apartment Hunting in MIAMI!

Apartment Hunting in MIAMI!

Tips for Apartment Hunting in MIAMI! I am a fan of the website and app called Realtor.com makes apartment shopping easy. It seems to be the most current and it is an easy to navigate real estate website. This is my suggestion on how to find an apartment in Miami if you are planning on moing to Miami and start apartment hunting. If you have any tips on how to find an apartment in Miami, please leave them in the comment box.

I have learned a lot about Miami’s real estate in a very short time. Moving cross country to Miami Beach after selling my house and hoping to hop into the Miami real estate market has proven to be quite the challenge. I have decided to rent an apartment in Miami for a year to figure things out. There is so much red tape in the rental market here in Miami as well that I thought would be helpful tips to share. There is a lot to be prepared for and things you need to know about Miami realtors if you plan to move to Miami as a renter! I wanted to share a bit of my experience from the week of hunting for a place. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful for you or anyone you know if you plan to move to Miami.

Tips for apartment hunting in Miami:
1. Use your friends and extended network.
“Tell your friends you’re looking! I found my super cheap, super cute, and super huge Santa Monica apartment through a coworker of a friend of a friend. A simple word of mouth can (at the very least) get you leads to places that would have gone off the market in seconds without a personal connection.”
2. Before renting a place, check your cell phone reception in every room!
“Walk through the entire place with your phone out. Nothing is worse than having to make every phone call outside (mostly because sometimes I don’t want to wear pants).”
3. Move during the winter!
“Lease an apartment in November, December, or January (when rent prices are lowest). If you have to move to a new city in the summer, sign a six-month lease and start searching for deals in early October.”
4. Figure out how much to have a pet, if you have one,
“Check if pet fees are a flat rate or dependent on the number of pets. Some places have a non-refundable fee of a few hundred dollars plus a $100+ deposit *PLUS* monthly pet rent per pet—it adds up fast.
5. Check to see if your car insurance goes up in that area. Every dollar counts.
“Call your insurance company to get a quote about what your car insurance will be in the new area (it DOES change based on where you live) and factor that into your budget (best case: it goes down). And while you have them on the phone, GET TENANT INSURANCE: it is so worth it!”
6. Make sure your furniture will fit.
“Measure your big furniture (couches, beds, dressers, etc.) before you go hunting and then bring a tape measure with you to make sure your furniture will fit through the doors. That was a LIFESAVER for us!
7. Read your lease!
“Don’t get trapped into something you’ll regret later!”
8. Bring a friend to help you make good choices.
“Always, always, ALWAYS take a friend you trust with you when you go to look at an apartment. Specifically: one who won’t allow you to make rash decisions.”

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