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The Fascination With Artist Tysen Knight, Meshing Fine Art, Street Art & Graffiti

The Fascination With Artist Tysen Knight, Meshing Fine Art, Street Art & Graffiti

Meet contemporary artist Tysen Knight. The American street artist was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but called New Jersey his home until moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after high school. Tysen currently resides in Palm Springs, California, where his artwork can be found throughout the area; as well as hanging in local galleries.

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Artist Tysen Knight

Growing up in the peak of the Street Art Movement, Tysen was inspired by the works of famous street artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. Tysen’s art style also reflects the styles of Fine Artist Pablo Picasso and Pop Artist Andy Warhol. Tysen uses these influences to create unique pop culture graffiti pieces that can not only be found on city murals, but in Fine Art galleries. Tysen’s artwork has blurred the line between street art and fine art, to create something new that captivates people from all walks of life.

‘Billie Holiday’, 36″ x 48″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic and Oil

Tysen’s love for the arts does not stop on the canvas. His passion for creativity has landed him roles in the Hollywood films “Epic Movie” and “Nora’s Hair Salon 2: A Cut Above.” If you’re driving through the streets of Los Angeles, California, you might see Tysen on a billboard for the “Meth PSA Drug Awareness Campaign.”

Tysen’s love for art has opened the door to many different forms of media including acting in feature films and music videos, modeling, and directing his own full-length documentary, “The Art of Hustle: Street Art Documentary.”

Artist Tysen Knight

Tysen Knight is currently on the Film Festival Circuit for his latest film “The Art of Hustle: Street Art Documentary” which he directed, produced, wrote, and starred in. Tysen’s film has been featured in numerous film festivals, including The American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs, California, The Oregon Documentary Film Festival in Portland, Oregon, and the Street Art Movie Fest in Grenoble, France. The Film has been received well by critics and audiences alike, even taking home the Award for Best Feature Film at the Oregon Film Festival, and an Award of Recognition at the Impact Docs Awards 2018.

‘Popeye The Sailor’, 24″ x 36″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic and Oil

The artist will be exhibiting his work this December in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach at Red Dot Art Fair Dec.4-8, 2019 taking place at Mana Wynwood. We recently had the pleasure to chat with Tysen to learn more about his art career and current projects:

Q – What is the best part about being an artist, and how did you get started on this path?

– The best part of being an artist is to to let creativity flourish with no limits! I feel connected to the universe when I’m creating artwork. I lose all sense of time and space which allows for artistic expressions that could not be explained. I got started on my artistic path as a young boy. I would spend hours alone in my room with no art supplies. I would use my school pencils and notebook paper as my canvas. My parents discovered my drawings and encourage me to pursue art. You know the saying “Out of necessity comes genius”.

Artist Tysen Knight

Q – Where does your inspiration come from?

A – My inspiration comes from all the images that I have been stored in my subconscious mind over my lifetime, from cartoons I watched as a kid, colorful graffiti on subway trains, and just the colorfulness of society as a whole. I was fortunate enough to turn these experiences into creative works which will inspire others as I am on a daily basis.

Q – Can you tell us about your powerful new art film?

A –  I was inspired to produce a film on homelessness in our society, which is close to my heart. I was homeless for short while and it was a humbling and pivotal moment in my life and help me grow as an individual. The subject of my film is “Skratch” homeless artist who was one of the most creative artist that I have ever met in his current circumstances. The determination to create while being homeless was incredible to me and forever changed my way of viewing my talents as an artist. Check out ”Homeless Street Artist: Documentary” on my website: TysenKnight.com

‘Jean Michel Basquiat’, 24″ x 30″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic and Oil

Q – Is there an artist who you admire most or who inspires you?

– I have several artist that I admire Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat. Basquiat inspires me the most, if had to choose from these three great artist. Basquiat was ahead of time, I mostly admire his creative process because it took the art world a while to understand his genius as an artist, cleverly covering social issues and creating masterpieces at the same time.

Artist Tysen Knight

Q – Tell us more about your exciting upcoming show during Art Basel Miami Beach this December?

– I have been invited to exhibit during Art Basel Weekend at Red Dot Miami in the Wynwood Arts District December 4-8. This will the premiere show for my ICON SERIES, based on legendary singers, actors and iconic public figures. I’m honored to have the opportunity to experience such a culturally rich art community such as Wynwood. This is especially exciting for me to get to meet and share the room with some of most talented artist in the world.

‘Marilyn Monroe’, 30″ x 30″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic and Oil

Q – What advice can you share for anyone looking to pursue their passion in the arts?

– My advice to anyone wanting to pursue their passion in art. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to be judged, this is how you’re gonna grow as an artist. As long as you’re creating from a genuine place in your heart success will follow. Always strive to inspire others thru your talent and creativity. Most of all #BeInspired!

‘Vintage Grace Jones’, 30″ x 40″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas, Acrylic and Oil

To learn more about this fascinating artist, for sales information, commissions or general inquires, please visit: www.tysenknight.com

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