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South Florida Artist Mykola Khodorovsky Is Known For His Unique, Eye-Catching Masterpieces

South Florida Artist Mykola Khodorovsky Is Known For His Unique, Eye-Catching Masterpieces

Mykola Khodorovsky never planned to become an abstract artist, his story is unique. He was a successful company owner in the Ukraine, with an MBA degree responsible for hundreds of employees. In 2010, he decided to move to Miami, impressed by the beauty of South Florida and its climate, and it was here where his art career was sparked by his muse – his wife Mila.

‘American Flag Collection’, Eagle Edition, 24 x 48 x 1.5 Inches on Canvas

“Throughout my life, I had a hobby – photography. I first used a camera at the age of 9 and ever since then, I’ve been capturing all the beautiful moments of my life, turning them into eternity. My wife proposed to print my pictures on big canvases and it looked awesome.”

‘Blue Waves’, 24 x 48 x 1.75 Inches on Wood Panel

Mykola’s work hangs in collectors’ mansions in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boca Raton, Manhattan and Naples. He participates in numerous art fairs annually such as the Las Olas Art fair, Boca Raton Museum Art Show, Naples National Art Fair, and many others.

Mykola Khodorovsky’s work from his American Flag Collection in a collector’s home

The Mayor of Sunny Isles Beach awarded Mykola several times as the best photographer in the city and his work is used for posters and magazine ads.

Mykola Khodorovsky awarded by the City of Sunny Isles as “Best Photographer”

“Once my wife suggested to paint abstract recreations of the underwater photography that I shot. I used water, acrylic and epoxy resin to create unrepeatable flow of blue colors reminiscent of ocean waves. It came out pretty and the process of its creation was very exciting and intriguing – you never know how it will look in the end. Since then, I can’t stop creating new abstract pieces.”

‘American Flag Collection’, 48 x 24 x 2.5 Inches on Wood Panel

All of Mykola’s paintings are made on handcrafted wood panels with sizes ranging from 60 by 30 inches up to 72 by 36 inches or larger, coated with resin. “I create every detail of the art piece myself, including the frames, which are painted in gold with Ralph Lauren paint.” He also creates fine art photography on plexiglass.

Mykola and Mila Khodorovsky – Mykola Fine Art

“I have a lot of underwater and ocean inspired images – I used to be a diver, having had more than 1000 dives. In 2000, I even published a book about diving in Egypt illustrated with my photographies. So, in my art, I combine two of my biggest passions, water and image creating process.”

Mykola Khodorovsky Underwater Photography

Mykola Fine Art is a solution for collectors and designers who are looking to enhance a residential or commercial space with unique and inspiring paintings on wood or canvas, as well as fine art photography on plexiglass. The artist calls it “custom wall art design”. Mykola works closely with a customer to understand exactly what they’re looking for and what will work best in their space, so he will personally visit the space and propose the correct art pieces from his catalogue.

‘Belle Epoque’ 2018, 24 x 48 x 2.75 Inches on Wood Panel

To learn more about this fascinating artist, for sales information, commissions, or general inquires, email mykolafineart@gmail.com and visit https://mykola-fine-art.business.site/

Upcoming Shows & Events:
Coconut Creek Craft Festival October 12 – 13, 2019
Las Olas Art Fair October 19 – 20, 2019
Plantation Art In The Park October 26 – 27, 2019

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