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World-Renowned Dutch Artists Land In Wynwood For Miami Art Week 2019 http://www.themiamiartscene.com/world-renowned-dutch-artists-land-in-wynwood-for-miami-art-week-2019/
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Sober Collective Art Gallery pops-up in Miami December 1-30, curated by “The Dutch Master of Light,” Tim Boin. They’ve crossed the ocean for Miami’s biggest art festival of the year. Eight of Holland’s greatest creative minds have joined forces to create a visual playground in their pop-up art gallery in the heart of Wynwood during Miami Art Week. Known for their public art projects and street art exhibitions with world’s most prolific artists at their gallery in Rotterdam and around the world, Sober Collective Art Gallery brings their pop-up exhibition from December 1 through December 30, 2019 to the Sober Collective Art Gallery located at 80 NE 29th Street in Miami, Florida 33137.

Known as “The Dutch Master of Light,” Tim Boin curated this selection of 8 of the best Dutch street artists in cross-combination with his own solo exhibition ‘Geometry is Life’ at the W South Beach during Miami Art Week. His group of artists all excel in bold, abstract and unconventional large-scale work found internationally and celebrated globally.

Sober Collective artist Telmo Miel’s, ‘Barely In Balance’, 80 x 80 cm, Oil on Linen

Sober Collective cordially invites you to the VIP Opening Reception on Sunday, December 8th from 7pm – 12am for an exclusive tour of the collection in the heart of Wynwood. Guests will enjoy complimentary cocktails and live beats by DJ Damoulis. Please RSVP here.

Sober Collective artist Digital Does Sculpture BRIQUE N°02 ‘Insight’

About the Artists

Tim Boin: Conscious elements are at the root of Tim’s message. Celebrated for his larger-than-life sculptures, he depicts the ecosystem’s sensitive state. Using 3D Mapping, Tim literally and figuratively sheds light on his geometric sculptures of endangered species in his most recent work.

Digital Does: He focuses on collecting pieces from past walls and reshaping them into a new form to use as core elements in his new pieces. He perpetuates the past and makes new work traceable to a specific google coordinate of a bygone wall. From China to Mexico and Australia to New York, his work has been found all across the globe.

Sober Collective artist Said Kinos

Said Kinos: His work expresses a fascination for the way people communicate with each other. It’s recognizable by his high-contrast use of distorted typography. His visual overkill is a metaphor for the amount of information we have to process on a daily basis. Telmo Miel: This creative duo evolved from creating individual pieces on one mural into developing one image, one composition together. They focus on playfulness in abstraction of reality; attempting to make the viewer see opposite perspectives and subjects with a different eye.

Sober Collective artist Joram Roukes’ Sober Walls

Joram Roukes: Using juxtapositions of imagery, he creates abstract narratives and figures that evoke introspection and contemplation. His work gained attention from several international galleries, and he actively paints large-scale murals across the globe, including Copenhagen, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and London, to name a few.

Sober Collective’s Bier & Brood

Bier & Brood: Inspired by machines, nature and architecture, they possess a unique style, often interpreted as sinister and apocalyptic. Their preferred mediums include highly detailed pen drawings, spray-cans and paint for their large-scale work.

Mossy Giant: He has a slightly neurotic fascination with detailed line-work and stories within stories. Not made for the easily distracted, recurring themes in this work include nature, man, beast & machine.

Sober Collective artist Zevous

Zevous: His company, Dutch Deco Finish, specializes in wall and furniture finishes for amusement parks and large festivals, which has led to over a decade of developing relationships with artists worldwide; and after these artists began approaching him to commission exclusive works of art, it has inspired him to create his own extensive portfolio.

Dutch DJ Damoulis is setting sound waves to this visual playground, mastering in Miami-favorite sounds like Afrobeats, AfroHouse, Latin and Dutch urban music and dancehall. RSVP to the VIP Opening Reception on Sunday, December 8th from 7pm – 12am for an exclusive tour of the collection curated by Sober Collective’s Tim Boin in the heart of Wynwood https://sobercollective.splashthat.com/

Appointment requests can be made to visit the exhibition before the official opening on the 8th of December. Contact info@sober-collective.com as soon as possible to reserve a spot.

Sober Collective Art Gallery located at 80 NE 29th Street in Miami, Florida 33137.


“The Dutch Master Of Light” Illuminates Miami Art Week 2019 http://www.themiamiartscene.com/the-dutch-master-of-light-illuminates-miami-art-week-2019/
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Tim Boin’s ‘Geometry is Life‘ features his latest collection at the W South Beach. Miami’s next Instagram wave meets The Netherlands’ Dutch artist, Tim Boin, who will feature his latest collection Geometry is Life at the W South Beach in the epicenter of Miami’s art-explosion during Miami Art Week 2019 this December 3-6. Produced by Sober Industries, Dutch multimedia company specializing in visual and immersive experiences, Boin will feature his works from 11am to 10pm.

Tim Boin’s ‘Blue Whale’ from Geometry is Life

Known as “The Dutch Master of Light,” Boin’s art is focused on light, geometry, and spirituality. His latest collection, Geometry is Life, is specifically designed as a futuristic, visual sensory experience to capture realism in the subject using geometric designs. Enhanced by natural reflection as well as artificial 3D projection mapping, the collection is showcased in three separate categories, capturing the following elements: Natural Light, Enhanced Light and Artificial Light.

Tim Boin’s Geometry Is Life exhibition

More importantly, each artwork captures the balance between geometry, light and the spirit of the subject as if it were to come alive. ‘Geometry is Life’ is a visualization of the connection between geometry and the visual language that arises.

Artist Tim Boin

“Everything in life is based on balance. Geometry is the key to balance, according to the laws of the universe,” said Boin. Conscious elements are at the root of Boin’s message. He has been celebrated for his larger-than-life sculptures depicting the ecosystem’s sensitive state. Using 3D Mapping, Boin literally and figuratively shed light on his geometric sculptures of endangered species in his recent work.

Geometry Is Life

You and a guest are cordially invited to the VIP Opening Reception on Wednesday, December 4th from 7-10pm for an exclusive tour of the ‘Geometry is Life‘ collection by Tim Boin at the W South Beach beside their palm tree-lined pool side. Enjoy complimentary cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and live music by DJ Damoulis. Please RSVP by Sunday, December 1st here.

Tim Boin’s ‘Unicorn’, Geomtry Is Life


4th Annual Art Fort Lauderdale, “The Art Fair On The Water” http://www.themiamiartscene.com/4th-annual-art-fort-lauderdale-the-art-fair-on-the-water/
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Art Fort Lauderdale is a 4-day curated art fair that transports attendees on a journey along the famed Intracoastal waterways via water taxi and private yacht with stops at vacant multi-million dollar waterfront properties that feature emerging artists exhibiting various styles and methods of art that reflect the past, the present and the future. Art Fort Lauderdale returns for the 4th Annual “Art Fair On The Water” January 23rd – 26th 2020.

This destination art fair seeks to highlight the uniqueness of the city and put Fort Lauderdale on the art world map as a premiere location to view, interact with and purchase art along with giving art aficionados, residents and visitors a cultural experience that is memorable, interactive and engaging.

Art Fort Lauderdale coincides with Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week (January 18-26, 2020) and will unite all of Fort Lauderdale’s arts & cultural institutions in an effort to highlight all that the city has to offer through an annual self-guided tour and celebration of everything art and culture throughout the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. The ultimate goal in creating this week is to establish Fort Lauderdale as an international cultural destination.

With Art Fort Lauderdale as its centerpiece, Fort Lauderdale Art & Design Week 2020 will partner with the city’s most prestigious institutions to feature select aligned programming, including museum exhibitions, artist studio tours, gallery openings, get-togethers, events, architectural walks, roundtables, professional encounters and more.

For more information about Art Fort Lauderdale, visit www.artfortlauderdale.com / Ticket information and event details can be found here.


The Outdoor Sculpture Garden At Oeno Gallery http://www.themiamiartscene.com/the-outdoor-sculpture-garden-at-oeno-gallery/
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Just east of Toronto, Oeno Gallery has dedicated itself to a contemporary reinterpretation of the English landscape movement. This contemporary gallery is situated amidst pinot noir vines in a burgeoning wine region that Time Magazine declared to be one of the top 50 places in the world to visit. The only Canadian destination to make that list, Prince Edward County is gaining international fame for its stunning landscapes, award-winning wines, and most recently, as a mecca for art lovers.

Intersecting steel rods are saturated in light Tuscan sun yellow in this dynamic outdoor sculpture by Shayne Dark. ‘Full Tilt Yellow’ (2019), Powder coated steel, 150 × 82 × 75.5 inches / 381 × 208.28 × 191.77 cm.

Designed in 2010 by Oeno Gallery owner Carlyn Moulton and landscape architect Drew McCandlish, this garden is now one of the largest private retail sculpture attractions in North America. Over 40,000 visitors arrive each season — whether by private plane, the helipad next to the garden, by train or by car — to enjoy over 70 outdoor sculptures installed by wild grasses, ponds, butterfly gardens, maples and curved garden beds brimming with purple sage and lavender.

‘Zephyr’ (2019), by Jeremy Guy. Smooth surfaced, black granite flecked almost imperceptibly with copper and white has been engineered into an elegant ribbon in tangible contrast to its weight. This work has a steel substructure and sits on an aluminum base.
27.5 × 36 × 12 inches / 69.85 × 91.44 × 30.48 cm.

Oeno’s outdoor gallery also includes the elegant, engineered stone abstract sculptures by British-born Jeremy Guy. The influence of Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore is evident in Zephyr, a 9 foot wide, black granite homage to the west wind. This graceful work and others by Guy are now installed in private residential and commercial grounds in Sarasota, Scarsdale, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Toronto.

Marc Plamondon’s ‘Chute des Cubes’, current production. Impossibly balanced, these three white cubes form one monolithic outdoor structure. At night the sides of the cubes appear as free-floating diamonds. This is powder-coated white stainless steel.

Sculptures from Oeno’s gardens now grace private gardens near Toronto, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, London, Hong Kong, Columbo, Sydney and Stockholm. Recent public installations have included golf courses, condominium plazas, malls, parks, and botanical gardens in many North American locations from Vancouver to Las Vegas. The gallery has a full-time team of professionals crating and packing shipping containers with sculptures ranging in size, up to several tons. Drone footage of the garden https://youtu.be/HxxbVHcfKJw reveals the range of abstract and figurative work available.

Shayne Dark’s ‘Glacial Series: Drop Stones 1, 2 & 3’, (2015). This large scale outdoor installation consists of three hollow, polygonal steel boulders called Drop Stones that have a rusted, weathered patina. The works represent erratic, geometric stones shaped and carried often hundreds of kilometers by glacial ice.

Shayne Dark’s contemporary steel sculptures in eye-popping colors have proven perfect for many locations. Tableau Condominiums, Toronto, commissioned Dark to create a neon yellow, site specific work from the artist’s Entangled series. Another from this series, his Yves Klein blue Tanglewood (2015) was purchased by the Albright Knox Gallery for its gardens following its exhibition at Art Basel. And his saturated blue Entangled, a private acquisition, was lifted by crane into the gardens of a collector’s Toronto estate in 2018. Just last year, he was invited to be artist in residence at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, where his large Glacial Drop Stone sculpture was exhibited. Dark’s work can now be seen in Czechoslovakia, California, Calgary, Chicago, and Toronto.

Floyd Elzinga’s ‘Unzip the Earth’, by commission. Unzip the Earth is a playful, outdoor sculptural installation consisting of a polished and reflective steel zipper handle and concrete brick teeth that give the illusion of unzipping the hillside. This outdoor artwork is available by commission only which may take up to 3 or more months to complete. Pictured here is the artist’s proof. Measurements of Zipper sculpture only as in pictured installation: 27 h x 48 w x 31 d inches

Oeno Gallery has worked with the art placement firm, the Gateway Foundation, in the acquisition of Floyd Elzinga’s Unzip the Earth, for a public park in St. Louis, MO. Another edition of this playful, Pop art-inspired stainless steel sculpture was shipped to a private collector in Portugal.

Carole Feuerman’s ‘Miniature Brooke with Beach Ball 14/38’, (2018). Rendered in hyper-realistic detail – from mink hair eyelashes to simulated drops of water on ultra smooth skin – the upper body of a female swimmer emerges to float on a multi-colored beach ball. This work by American sculptor Carole Feuerman is number 14 in an edition of 38.

Oeno is now representing the exciting work of New York sculptor Carole Feuerman. Known for her hyperrealist sculptures of swimmers, Feuerman creates indoor and outdoor pieces in a variety of media. Her outdoor work includes the monumental bronze Golden Mean, owned by the City of Peekskill, NY.

Anne O’Callaghan’s ‘Urn’, (2018). Poetic and playful, this stainless steel and tempered glass outdoor urn reflects the environment and the changing light of day. Installed next to pond or river, the glass of the amphora shape creates the illusion that it is filling and emptying with water as the sun sets. This sculpture can be created in three sizes and is limited to an edition of 20. Constructed in polished stainless steel, and heavy duty tempered glass, it has been installed in high wind conditions, winter with ice and snow, and high heat situations and has remained totally stable.

New works are installed in the garden every spring, but work is commissioned, sold and shipped throughout the year. Oeno’s love of sculpture is also reflected in their interior exhibitions, where work in glass, steel, clay, wood and other media are exhibited throughout the year. The gallery has a team of experienced art and logistics consultants ready to assist landscape architects, designers and clients to make the process goes smoothly. Oeno Gallery offers complimentary shipping to North American destinations, and work ships to the US duty and tax exempt. Just another one of Canada’s best kept secrets.

‘Scarlet Cup’ (2019), by Fiona Ackerman. Acrylic and Oil on Canvas.
48 × 36 inches / 121.92 × 91.44 cm.

In an upcoming show, Oeno Gallery presents Botanical, a solo exhibition featuring the work of Fiona Ackerman. Inspired by the narratives and botanical drawings of Canadian pioneers Suzanna Moodie and her sister Catharine Parr Traill, Fiona Ackerman has created a series paintings that re-imagine nature. In her work, Ackerman re-interprets the taxonomy of flora, overlapping bold shapes with colourful flowers and stems, seeds and fruit. Art collectors and guests will enjoy an opening reception on Saturday, November 16th, 3 pm – 5 pm. The exhibition continues through December 9, 2019.

Oeno Gallery
2274 County Road 1
Prince Edward County
Ontario, K0K 1G0

Phone: (613) 393-2216


Spectrum Miami & Red Dot Miami Return To Miami Art Week 2019 http://www.themiamiartscene.com/spectrum-miami-red-dot-miami-return-to-miami-art-week-2019/
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