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Afrobeta’s Remix of “The Birds” by Electric Kif Brings Miami Collaboration to the Next Level

Afrobeta’s Remix of “The Birds” by Electric Kif Brings Miami Collaboration to the Next Level

Afrobeta, Miami’s favorite homegrown electro-pop duo, can’t seem to slow down. The pair of Christina “Cuci” Amador and Tony Smurphio have been on the scene for about 14 years, racking up gigs at just about every Magic City-based venue and festival you can think of, not to mention notching performances in places as far away as Ibiza and South Korea. Whether in the studio or on the stage, they have a bottomless reservoir of energy and endurance the rest of us only wish we could possess.

Today sees the release of Amador and Smurphio’s latest effort in the form of the Afrobeta remix of “The Birds” by Electric Kif. The collaboration was the result of mutual respect and admiration shared between the two Miami bands.

“We are huge fans of the Electric Kif,” Smurphio tells New Times. “They are making some incredible music and they are our friends. We play with them all the time, and they are anchoring down Miami’s live scene right now.”

This isn’t the first remix Afrobeta has done for Electric Kif; they previously reworked the band’s song “Spider” back in 2018. The redux of “The Birds” stemmed from Afrobeta’s comfortability with the track as well as a bit of natural affinity. “We picked this song because we like birds,” Smurphio quips.

Electric Kif’s works are all instrumental. The original version of “The Birds” has a slower, more groovy element to it, full of electric guitars, a strong bass, and a steady kick to match. Afrobeta picked up the tempo — 90 BPM, to be exact — and most noticeably, added vocals courtesy of Amador.

“When it comes to remixing, I definitely have my ideas, but there was something in the way Tony created the beat that grew an inspiration,” Amador explains. “A lot of times when I write stories for a song, I try to tell a story from both sides; this time it was the story of the bird visiting the flower, but from the flower’s perspective.” Amador and Smurphio’s jubilant demeanor is as infectious in conversation as it is on record; Smurphio repeatedly chimes in “Brilliant! Brilliant!” as the fairer half of Afrobeta explains the creative process behind “The Birds.”

In addition to Amador’s gentle and distorted vocal arrangement, Afrobeta added their signature rhythm and melody to “The Birds.” Smurphio says their remix possesses a more glitch-hop sound that appeals to Miami’s bass-receptive crowds. The track has an insistent tropical feel to that is sure to keep feet moving. “The Birds” has already received acclaim from the Miami crowd; the duo has been playing the previously-unreleased track for the last couple of weeks and plans to keep it in their setlists for the foreseeable future.

Aside from putting out the new remix, Amador and Smurphio are also currently working on their next album, Illusion Motel. Out of that album, Afrobeta plans on releasing the Miami-centric single, “Chancletazo.” Before then, the duo will be adding another Miami venue to their resume by playing a funk and disco-oriented DJ set at Minnie’s Disco in Wynwood on Friday, January 17, followed by a visit to Otto Von Schirach’s party at Churchill’s Pub on Saturday, January 18.

Afrobeta says they are grateful for all of the talent that circulates around Miami and the bonds and relationships they have formed in the city’s creative community over the last 14 years. “The Miami music scene is so supportive of each other,” says Amador. “They go to each other shows and we are fans of each other’s work.”

The remix of “The Birds” has a distinctly Miami feel to it, and it’s no wonder that Afrobeta’s become a favorite of the city, not to mention fans around the world. Whether you’re in an ornately decorated disco or the intractable mess of Churchill’s, the sound of Afrobeta just feels right. 

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